We’ve been using more Race Face Cinch cranks on our bikes lately. At first we were having trouble getting them to work properly. Here is what we have figured out to make these a great choice for all Lenz Sport mountain bikes, especially our Plus bikes and Short Chainstay bikes.

  1. Remove the sleeve from the bottom bracket. This part is virtually useless anyway, and it seems to get warped and cause extra drag. Not sure why.
  2. Install one BB spacer included with the Race Face cinch bottom bracket onto the drive side. (you can move the spacer to the non-drive side to adjust the chainline inboard if desired)
  3. Flip the direct mount chainring so that it’s offset outboard, which is the spec for boost spacing. That’s what’s cool about these chainrings, is that they are made to be reversed.
  4. Install crank per instructions and you are good to go.