fatillac full suspension fat bike
27.5 Fat, 27.5 plus, or 29er
Lightweight frame and short chainstay
130mm to 180mm fork options
  • 29+ Video

    29+ Video

    Watch this video to see Mike C learning the 29+ and figuring out the ideal set up.

One Bike to Rule Them All

Full Suspension Fat Bike

You asked for it, so you got it. The Fatillac full suspension fat bike is now a reality. This Lenz bike is here to redefine the fat bike genre. The Fatillac might just be the most versatile mountain bike to ever grace the world of hard core trail riding. It’s designed with the same geometry as the Lunchbox 29er, and with clearance for 27.5×4.0″ tires or 26×4.0 tires, and you can swap in your 29×2.5″ or 27plus shoes for the summer when you don’t want the fatties. So with two sets of wheels, and one bike, you have a bike that is a 29er trail bike in the summer and a full-on fat bike in the winter. With amazing plushness and agility on dirt and rocky trails and the added capability of riding in the snow, there is no limit to what you can do on this bike. Don’t let a little snow deter you from getting out and riding your favorite technical trail. Now you can ride those steep trails even when they are snow packed. This bike climbs well in snow and you can still hit the drops that you normally would on a dry day.


  • 4 inch fat bike tires on 26″ or 27.5″ rims
  • 2.6″ trail tires on 29er wheels
  • 27.5 plus compatible
  • 16.7 inch chainstay
  • 100mm threaded bottom bracket shell
  • Lightweight frame
  • 120 to 150mm fork travel options
  • 12x177mm rear through axle
  • 1×11 specific
  • 30.9mm seatpost diameter
  • Routing for stealth dropper posts
Geometry with 29×2.5″ tires and 27.5×4.0″ tires with 150mm fork
STACK 24.125 24.293 24.754 25.212 coming soon
REACH 16.109 16.695 16.727 17.252 coming soon
TT 22.75 23.375 24 24.625 25.25
ST 15eff 17eff 19eff 21eff 23eff
BB 13.7 13.7 13.7 13.7 13.7
HT 4.0 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5
CS 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5
SA 75eff 75eff 75eff 75eff 75eff
HA 67 67 67 67 67
WB 44.75 45.00 45.75 46.375 47.00
SO 29 30 30.5 32 33

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