“Its a great fun DH bike. Feels right when you get on it. Nothing to fight. No skyscraper high feeling since the BB is pretty low.
Very fast and jumps really well. Rides great on the trails and DH runs. A total winner of a bike. Thx to Devin for stepping up and building a DH 29er.” from MTBR reviews

“After getting the proper travel fork (I really don’t like White Bros) the bike reminds me of a over-sized Kona Stinky. It will blast through any trail and the short chain stays make this bike pedal worthy for uphill climbing. I have a Hammerschmidt on the crank so it’s a pretty versatile bike.
-I took a 4 footer on it recently and it reminds me of my large cat when he jumps off the washing machine–its like nothing.
That will be the tallest thing I will come off of because I know if I do higher ones I will like it and end up killing myself.
-The welds are heavy duty and the bike, for its 7″ travel is pretty light compared to its 26″ brothers.” – from MTBR reviews