Lenz Sport lunchbox
29+ or 27.5+
"Punkass" super short chain-stay
160mm, 170mm, or 180mm fork options


Yep, we did it again. For 2019, the Lunchbox is new again. Now with plus size tire compatibility, enduro geometry, and that super short chain stay that everyone loves about Lenz Sport bikes, the new Lunchbox is here to change what it means to shred trails. We have designed this bike with a new progressive spring curve that is optimized for coil and high volume shocks for ultimate control landing drops and jumps while also eating up trail chatter like a champ. We have spent years riding and testing and pushing the Lunchbox to it’s limits. The result is the most thought out and ripping trail/enduro bike on the planet, with unbeatable geometry, irresistible good looks, and an American hand-made style that no other bike company can match. Named after the famous Lunch Loops in Grand Junction Colorado, the 2019 Lunchbox takes the best design concepts and brings it together into the ultimate trail bike. First, the 29 plus or 27.5 plus tires and 6 inches of plush Lenz Sport travel mean this bike can handle any terrain you can dish out. The Lunchbox works great with 2.6″, 2.8″, and 3.0″ tires. Second, the steep (76 degree) seat angle puts your power over the pedals and makes climbing steep technical trails a breeze. Third, the super short chainstay makes the Lunchbox extremely maneuverable, and helps it loft over obstacles with ease. The slack (66 degree) head angle makes steep rocky descents fun and smooth, and technical climbs easier and more fun. The Lunchbox is the bike the core mountain biking community has been waiting for, and it’s hand-made right here in Colorado.


  • 29 inch or 27.5 inch wheels
  • 3″ tire clearance
  • Features the “Punkass” super short chainstay
  • Compatible with piggy back rear shocks
  • 150mm, 160mm, or 170mm fork travel options
  • 12x157mm rear through axle
  • 30.9mm seatpost diameter
  • Routing for stealth dropper posts

 29plus with 170mm fork geometry 650b/27.5″ plus geometry with 180mm fork
TT 22.75 23.375 24 24.625 25.25  22.75  23.375  24 24.625
ST 15eff 17eff 19eff 21eff 23eff 15eff  17eff 19eff 21eff
BB 13.75 13.75 13.75 13.75 13.75  13.75  13.75  13.75  13.75
HT 4.0 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5
CS 16.7 16.7 16.7 16.7 16.7 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5
SA 76eff 76eff 76eff 76eff 76eff 76eff 76eff 76eff 76eff
HA 65.5 65.5 65.5 65.5 65.5 65.5 65.5 65.5 65.5
WB 45.25 45.875 46.5 47.125 47.75 43.5 44.75 45.375 46.00
SO 29 30 30.5 32 33 29 30 30.5 32

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