From – “Devin Lenz is no stranger to innovation.  He’s been pushing the limits of what’s doable and desirable with 29” wheels for over a decade.  Even though every one of the big players and most of the smaller ones are finally hawking their version of big wheeled bliss, Devin’s bikes remain atop the heap when it comes to uncompromised on-trail performance.  It doesn’t hurt his credibility that each of his designs are dreamed up, prototyped, fabricated, and ultimately produced right here in Colorado.
And while he wasn’t the first to experiment with the full-suspension single speed, he was the first to do it with 29″ wheels, and has been consistently doing it for longer than anyone else regardless of wheel size.
Devin shipped the first short-rear MilkMoney my way many years ago, and while I loved the idea and execution, that chassis was always a little anemic for my tastes.  I’m no Graham Agassiz on the bike–I just lean more toward the chunkier end of the spectrum than what the MilkMoney was designed to do.
And while I’ve flirted with the k.i.s.s. principle on my singlespeeds for 20+ years now, the reality is that my backyard trails, and the way I like to ride them, demand a proper FS bike.
With that preamble out of the way, I’d like to introduce the first protoype of the LenzSport LunchMoney.” – MC