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Lenz Sport is a well-respected manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes. In 2004 Lenz Sport entered the ski bike market when the owner traded two of his old mountain bike frames for some commercially made ski bike conversion kits. The installation of the ski bike kit on a dual suspension downhill mountain bike frame produced a hybrid ski bike.


Instead of using foot skis, the rider stands on non-moveable pedals and steers the bike using only the bike’s skis as two points of contact. In the past few years, Lenz Sport has modified the frame to allow for easier transport on ski lifts.
Lenz Sport currently produces two models: the Basic Alpine Brawler with a rigid front end, and the Full Suspension Alpine Brawler. They are both lightweight, which allows for easy lifting onto the chair lift by men and women. Since you don’t have to wear foot skis, it’s much easier to load onto the chair lift. Once on the lift, the bike frame design allows it to be transported with the bike seat resting against the back of the chair. You can wear any winter appropriate boots while riding the bike.

The full suspension system on the Pro model provides a very stable ride on-piste, off-piste, and in the terrain park. All models are fun for all-mountain riding and for freestyle. The bike handles well in powder, packed powder, and spring slush. It’s very stable at speed. This is a ski bike that can perform any maneuver that you can on skis or on a snowboard.