All Lenz Sport full suspension singlespeed bikes can also be set up with a Belt Drive and/or a Rohloff internally geared hub. The Lunchmoney makes a great all-around trail bike, and the Rohloff Hub and Belt drive make it a versatile and low maintenance beast for any conditions you can imagine. The Milkmoney is our lighter and shorter travel single gear bike and works flawlessly with the Gates Carbon Drive and the Rohloff Hub. Read on for more information.
lunchmoney rohloff yellow interbike
lunchmoney rohloff yellow interbike BELT

Freedom from derailleurs

We are one of the only bicycle manufacturers in the world that makes a full suspension bike that works well as a singlespeed. The reason that our singlespeed full suspension bikes work so great, without the use of chain tensioners, is that we use a rear suspension pivot that is concentric with the bottom bracket. The Concentrak pivot is a very sturdy and robust pivot system that allow for zero chain or belt stretch during suspension movement. With this system you can have a single gear AND incredible rear suspension performance, and it’s compatible with a Gates Belt Drive or standard chain drive. The Concentrak pivot also allows for the use of a Rohloff Hub or other internally geared hubs. These hubs have a shifting mechanism that transfers torque to different gears on the inside of the hub, removing the need for derailleurs, and keeping the gear system safe from the elements. The Rohloff hub is a very durable and high quality hub that provides incredible shifting quality, and will last many years longer than a standard derailleur system. Rohloff hubs are known for very low maintenance and longevity. The only maintenance that is typically required is changing the oil on the inside of the hub annually. It’s a great option for very aggressive riders, or those going on long trips to areas that may not have easy access to bike shops and spare parts. You can feel confident that your Lenz Sport bike with a Rohloff Hub and Belt drive will be virtually maintenance free for a long adventure.


  • Lunchmoney or Milkmoney with concentrak pivot
  • Rohloff specific dropouts
  • Rohloff hub model OEM1 with shifter and rear brake rotor
  • Rear chain cog or belt sprocket of your choice
  • Belt of the proper length
  • Rohloff hubs currently require 135mm rear spacing and no through axle
  • Lenz Sport cable guides for routing cables under downtube

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We are one of the only bicycle manufacturers in the world that makes a full suspension bike that works well as a singlespeed. The [...]