Lenz Sport Skibikes Youth Demo Day

This last weekend we were able to take part in a awesome event hosted my Kendall Mtn Resort in Silverton, Colorado. LenzSport Skibikes was able to partner with Pedal the Peaks Silverton and provide 13 Skibikes for a team of 15 youth mountain bikers from the Durango Devo Flyers, an advanced gravity oriented race/freeride team [...]

Race Face Cinch Cranks on Lenz Bikes

We've been using more Race Face Cinch cranks on our bikes lately. At first we were having trouble getting them to work properly. Here is what we have figured out to make these a great choice for all Lenz Sport mountain bikes, especially our Plus bikes and Short Chainstay bikes. Remove the sleeve from the [...]

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Moore Fun is being changed for the worse!

Elevate yourself to the level of the trail.  Don't bring the trail down to your level.  Can't ride it?  No biggie -- walk it this time.  Next time, give a few of the moves a try.  The time after that, try 'em twice.  Eventually, you might put it together and experience the intense satisfaction of [...]

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Adventure Capitalists feature Lenz Ski Bikes

We are one of the feature entrepreneurs being shown on Adventure Capitalists next Tuesday at 8pm MST on AdventureCNBC. We would appreciate all the support you can give us by sharing this post on any social media network you use. They are showing our Ski Bikes and we are up against other entrepreneurs to potentially [...]

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Sesh test ride in Steamboat

The new Lenz Women's Bike - The Sesh Nicole got a chance to take the new Lenz Women's bike, the Sesh out for a spin this past weekend in Steamboat. It was very fall-like in Steamboat. The fall colors had already peaked, and things were starting to turn towards winter. It snowed a little on [...]

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Time to Session that trail

The Sesh is the first true women's bike Lenz has made. It's a proper trail bike, with 5 inches of travel and 27.5" wheels. It boast clearance for up to 27.5x 3" tires, but it looks like it would clear a 3.25" pretty easily. Devin based it off of the geometry of the Behemoth, which [...]

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Fatillac Fat Bike – Skippy Wixom riding in Grand Junction

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Adrian Bulinski – first ski bike at Copper Mountain

Thank You Copper Mountain & Lenz Sport! By: Adrienne Bulinski (web link: ) I leaned to the left, heading straight toward the trees and the fresh twelve inches of powder. As I watched my skis disappear below the snow I found myself smiling out of gratitude for a sport that has allowed me to [...]

Lenz Sport Fat Bike is here

from, courtesy of Mike Curiak click here to see the full post Roughly 5 years ago Devin Lenz and I had a conversation about fat-tire full suspension bikes. I don't remember the details well enough to quote with any level of accuracy, but I do remember the gist of it. It went [...]

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Fatillac 29plus build up

I just finished building up this Fatillac 29+ bike. I can't believe how light it is. It is equipped with Derby 35mm AM carbon rims, Enve DH carbon handlebar, Enve carbon seatpost, Sram X01 component package, Hope Tech M4 brakes, and the Rock Shox RS1 fork. The paint job is the nuclear [...]

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