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    Big Fat Skidders

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    The Big Fat Skidders will redefine riding a SkiBike in powder.  One word to describe these skis is "Fast".  The BFS skis have a front and rear specific design where the rear ski is shorter with a sharper curl up on the tip, and the front ski is 4 inches longer in the tip with an early rise shape  that enables you to float in the deepest powder and charge it in the crud without fear of being sent over the handlebars. Both skis are slightly rockered for a more compliant ride in deep snow.  This is the first skibike ski set ever that allows you to glide in the powder with speed and float you enough that you can skid your skis around against the deep snow so you can make your turns come around easier to control your speed in tight situations and on steep slopes.With the proper tune the BFS skis are a great all around ski for most conditions but  are not as nimble for firm bumps as some of our other skis.
  • Blips

    The Blip Skis are our smaller all-mountain ski and freestyle.  They are meant for smaller SkiBikes like our Blip or Sortie. The Blip skis are our basic on-piste general purpose ski.  They are great for learning, and are an excellent carving ski.  These Ski Bike Skis are great in soft bumps and light powder. For bigger bumps, chop, and powder check out the Commander Skis. For those deep powder days or back country riding, check out the Big Fat Skidders.
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    The Lenz Sport Commander ski bike skis are your go to ski for mogul riding. The length and shape make these ski bike skis carve up moguls like nothing else, and they also ride great on groomers, powder, and chop. The Commanders are stable at high speeds, and carve very well. The added width helps to skid over bumps and chops much better than the SB Rippers, and the extra length is all in the curved up tip, which helps to ride over the bumps with ease. For fast carving and general purpose riding, check out the SB Rippers
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    Conniption Stix


    Conniption Stix - Ski Bike Ski

    The Conniption Stix are our all-around shredder of a ski bike ski. These skis will take you anywhere you want to go on the mountain. They are perfect for all types of riding. If you want to ride moguls, powder, terrain parks, and long groomers, the Conniption Stix are the ski for you.