Alpine Brawler

The Alpine Brawler is the ultimate in ski-bike technology. Ski biking is one of the fastest growing snowsports, and Lenz Sport has been in the forefront of t(...Go >)

Alpine Brawler Basic

The Alpine Brawler Basic is our rigid front ski bike with 6 inches of rear suspension travel. This Lenz Skibike is the same main frame Br(...Go >)


The Defender is similar to the Launch freestyle ski bike, with the added ability to move the seat up and down a lot. With over 8" of seatpost range, the Defe(...Go >)


The new Dragster snowbob brings the performance and ride quality of a Lenz Sport ski bike to the world of foot ski bikes. The cushy seat and 6 inches of(...Go >)


The Launch is the latest skibike to our lineup. We designed it to be a lighter, simpler ski bike for riding the park and hitting tricks all over the mountain(...Go >)

Launch Basic

The basic Launch comes with a rigid front end. This is a great, lightweight skibike that can easily be upgraded to have front suspension. Check out the fork (...Go >)


The Recon brings the performance of our other ski bikes, at a price point that everyone can afford. The Recon Ski Bike is available with a rigid front end or(...Go >)


The Sortie is a lighter version of our most popular ski bike, the Launch. The Sortie is made for women or kids and it comes in XXS, XS, Small, and Medium Siz(...Go >)

Z - Ski Bike Conversions - Not sold by Lenz Sport

NOT SOLD BY LENZ SPORT - If you are looking to convert a mountain bike to a ski bike, check out Alpin(...Go >)