Alpine Brawler


The Alpine Brawler is the ultimate in ski-bike technology. Ski biking is one of the fastest growing snowsports, and Lenz Sport has been in the forefront of the industry since the beginning. Lenz makes the best ski bikes that hardcore ski-bikers push the limits of the sport. This Lenz Ski bike is not just for the experts, it is easy to control, comfortable to ride, and the 8" travel soaks up the biggest hits. If you want to tear up the steepest terrain at your local mountain and even get out into the backcountry, the Alpine Brawler is the ski bike for you.

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  • 8 inches travel front and 6"s rear
  • Lenz SecureREST chairlift managing system
  • Lenz precision machined ski mounting system
  • Long padded seat for comfort and protection
  • DH fork compatible
  • Complete bike with rigid front only $1850!
  • Complete bike - premium level - $3274
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Featuring the Lenz Sport SECUREST chairlift managing system. Lenz Sport skibikes are designed specifically to work with ski area chairlifts in a way not to impede the normal flow of traffic. These skibikes interface with the chair so that the bike is easy to hold, and once off the snow the bike is easily pivoted onto the chair next to the rider securly and safely resting on the seat of the chairlift. This method keeps the bike from dangling off the chair in danger of being dropped off during the ride up.


S, M, L


$1450 for frame


Gloss White


Deep Blue


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