Mammoth Video

Click here to see the Mammoth and Behemoth in action

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Mammoth Ride Report

Review from Outside Magazine. Click here to see the whole review. "We love how democratic the bicycle industry can be. Even though massive, multinational manufacturers like Giant and Trek dominate the industry with bike sales in the hundreds of thousands each year, boutique brands that offer good products can still hold their own. Case in [...]

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Behemoth Video

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Behemoth Ride report

After my first ride on the new Behemoth, I'm amazed at the versatility of this bike. It's light enough for long cross country rides, and beefy enough for super technical downhills and high speed chunk. It climbs so well, you wouldn't realize it's a 5" travel trail bike when climbing, and then you start your [...]

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Colorado Resorts

Many resorts are beginning to open their doors to ski bikers. In Colorado, all resorts owned by Vail have full access for ski bikes, including Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, and Breckenridge. Arapahoe Basin and Eldora also allow ski bikes. Winter Park has the most inclusive instruction and rental program featuring Lenz Sport ski bikes in [...]

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Video: How Lenz Bikes are Made

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Lunchbox Video

Click here to watch the Lunchbox in action

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Lunchbox Video

Click here to watch this great video from Mike Curiak

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Lunchbox ride report

"Kernville, CA is a small town in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, best known in MTB circles for the Keyesville Classic - a long running race on the canyon walls and riverbed of the Kern River.  Look north a bit and you'll find two other things that people make the drive to this little town [...]

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Mountain Bikes

All Lenz Sport mountain bike frames are 100% handmade in Colorado, USA. From Singlespeed XC bikes to long travel trail and downhill bikes, we do it all.

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