Lunchmoney ride report

From - "Devin Lenz is no stranger to innovation.  He's been pushing the limits of what's doable and desirable with 29" wheels for over a decade.  Even though every one of the big players and most of the smaller ones are finally hawking their version of big wheeled bliss, Devin's bikes remain atop the [...]

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Revelation ride report

The first time I rode my new Lenz Sport Revelation 650b bike, I felt right at home. It is light and responsive, and climbs incredibly well. I never feel bouncy on climbs, and I can handle technical ascents better than ever. It has also given me a new found level of confidence on downhills. I [...]

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PBJ Video

Watch the PBJ hammering the Whistler Bike Park

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PBJ Ride Report

"Its a great fun DH bike. Feels right when you get on it. Nothing to fight. No skyscraper high feeling since the BB is pretty low. Very fast and jumps really well. Rides great on the trails and DH runs. A total winner of a bike. Thx to Devin for stepping up and building a [...]

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Fat Moth Gallery

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Fat-Moth ride report

The Fat-Moth is absolutely the best handling bike I have ever ridden and is my choice for all the knarly riding here in the mountains of VA and the east. The geometry is as quick and responsive as any regular 29er but with the added benefit of rolling over anything in the way with the [...]

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Mammoth Video

Click here to see the Mammoth and Behemoth in action

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Mammoth Ride Report

Review from Outside Magazine. Click here to see the whole review. "We love how democratic the bicycle industry can be. Even though massive, multinational manufacturers like Giant and Trek dominate the industry with bike sales in the hundreds of thousands each year, boutique brands that offer good products can still hold their own. Case in [...]

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Behemoth Video

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Behemoth Ride report

After my first ride on the new Behemoth, I'm amazed at the versatility of this bike. It's light enough for long cross country rides, and beefy enough for super technical downhills and high speed chunk. It climbs so well, you wouldn't realize it's a 5" travel trail bike when climbing, and then you start your [...]

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