Behemoth 29+

The Behemoth Plus is an awesome ride. It crawls up steep ascents, bombs down rocky descents, feels stable and in control on slow technical moves, and eats up rocks for dinner. You will feel at your best every time you ride the Behemoth Plus (Fatass). The Behemoth can be built as a [...]

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Behemoth 29+ on the Guacamole Trail

  The Behemoth 29+ has been our most popular and most versatile 29+ option that we offer. It can be built with either 4 inches or 5 inches of travel, and has a super short chainstay. The Geometry of this Lenz 29+ bike is great for all types of trail riding. It crawls [...]

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Moab with the 29+ fleet

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Lunchmoney 29+ with Rohloff hub

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Rohloff and Belt Drive Bikes

We are one of the only bicycle manufacturers in the world that makes a full suspension bike that works well as a singlespeed. The reason that our singlespeed full suspension bikes work so great, without the use of chain tensioners, is that we use [...]

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29Plus Evolution

Final Fatillac Manifesto, from - click here to read the full post Summer got busy (duh!) and I haven't taken the time to update this space about where we ended up with the Fatillac.  Sorry 'bout that. First and foremost, why 29+? In short, I already have a killer fatbike, a killer 6 x [...]

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29+ Video

Watch this video to see Mike C learning the 29+ and figuring out the ideal set up.

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Mercenary Video

Watch Rob Adams and Matt Dolce shredding on the Mercenary.

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Acid dropping a freeway overpass on my new Lenz Sport Mercenary. Best Hardtail Snowbike on the market. Check out for all your Serious Snowbike needs.

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Blip Ride report

I really wanted a Lenz Sport Launch, but since I'm 14 and not that heavy, the Blip was the better option. It is lighter and more compact than the Launch, but otherwise it's the same. This bike is awesome.

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