29+ Video

Watch this video to see Mike C learning the 29+ and figuring out the ideal set up.

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Mercenary Video

Watch Rob Adams and Matt Dolce shredding on the Mercenary.

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Acid dropping a freeway overpass on my new Lenz Sport Mercenary. Best Hardtail Snowbike on the market. Check out for all your Serious Snowbike needs.

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Blip Ride report

I really wanted a Lenz Sport Launch, but since I'm 14 and not that heavy, the Blip was the better option. It is lighter and more compact than the Launch, but otherwise it's the same. This bike is awesome.

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Recon ride report

I got to ride a Lenz Sport Recon the other day, and I had an absolute blast. It was very easy to learn the basics on, and I was riding just as well as the others in the group who were all on the Launch or Brawler. The bike handled very well, and was lighter [...]

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Launch ride report

"Let me start out by stating that the geometry on the Alpine Brawler and the new Launch model are basically identical. I love the way the Alpine Brawler handles. After 4 plus years of testing before it was released, the geometry is spot on and the large moto style seat allows for new riders to [...]

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Alpine Brawler ride report

Click here to see the full review from Background: Lenz Sport is a well-respected manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes. In 2004 Lenz Sport entered the ski bike market when the owner traded two of his old mountain bike frames for some commercially made ski bike conversion kits. The installation of the ski bike kit [...]

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Ski Biking Powder

Check out the team riding backcountry at Vail Pass on Alpine Brawler and Launch Ski Bikes.

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Launch Ski Bike action

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Valmont Bike Park

check out this great video from SMK media of our local Valmont Bike Park.

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