The Lenz Sport Commander ski bike skis are your go to ski for mogul riding. The length and shape make these ski bike skis carve up moguls like nothing else, and they also ride great on groomers, powder, and chop. The Commanders are stable at high speeds, and carve very well. The added width helps to skid over bumps and chops much better than the SB Rippers, and the extra length is all in the curved up tip, which helps to ride over the bumps with ease. For fast carving and general purpose riding, check out the SB Rippers

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The Commanders are 105cm long with a 14 meter side-cut radius. The waist width is 126mm, tail is 138mm, and the tip is 141mm. The ski mount bolt patter is 50x100mm 4-hole using 6mm bolts.


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