All Mountain


The Lenz Sport Behemoth was the first long travel All Mountain 29er mountain bike, and it has proven itself to perform and last under the abuse of the most a(...Go >)


The Fat Moth is one of the only full suspension 29+ mountain bikes in the world. A great combination of fat bike and performance mountain bike, the Fat Moth(...Go >)

Lunchbox 29er

The bike that started it all just got even better. We have spent years riding and testing and pushing the Lunchbox to it's limits. The result is the most tho(...Go >)

Lunchbox 650b

If you thought 29ers would be the extent of the Lenz evolution, think again. We are coming out strong with a solid line of 650b mountain bikes that truly rip(...Go >)

Free Ride-Gravity

Spankster MTX

What a classic! The Spankster has been on the Lenz lineup for longer than any of our other bikes, and is very unique in it's design. The Spankster is a short(...Go >)


The Lenz Sport PBJ is the first DH race capable 29" wheeled bicycle in the world. Lenz Sport is continuing to lead the industry in the development of big whe(...Go >)

PBJ - 650b

Our famous downhill bike is now available in 650b or 27.5 inch wheels. The Lenz Sport PBJ is one of the only DH race capable 650b wheeled bicycle in the wor(...Go >)


Leviathan 3.0

The Leviathan 3.0 is one of the first 29" wheeled full suspension mountain bikes ever made. This Lenz BIke is still the best choice for cross country racers (...Go >)

Leviathan 4.0

The 2011 Leviathan 4.0 is as slick as it is fast. For the Lightest 29er in it's class, the Leviathan has proven it's worthiness on trails of all types. New(...Go >)


The Lenz Sport Mammoth is setting a new standard for endurance racing and cross country trail bikes. Until now, a lightweight 5 inch travel cross country bik(...Go >)

Revelation 650b

When you take your first ride on this bike, you'll know why we call it the Revelation. No other bike will ever feel as comfortable, fast, or quick to handle (...Go >)

Single Speed

MilkMoney 3.0

Are you looking for the simplicity of a single speed with the comfort and performance of full suspension? The Lenz Sport MilkMoney 3.0 bicycle is one of the (...Go >)

Milkmoney 4.0

It's what you've all been asking for. Now, here it is. Our famous single speed full suspension 29er....with 4 inches of amazingly plush travel. Take your sin(...Go >)

Z-MTB Accessories and parts

Shop here for Lenz Sport mountain bike accessories and replacement parts. You can purchase derailleur hangers, pivot hardware, bearings, bash rings, and more(...Go >)